The knives

The knives

Photographer and knife maker who works in Lofoten in Norway and the High Coast in Sweden.

Handmade and unique

All knives are unique. I make them from different types of wood, everything comes from Sweden.
I also use hoards from reindeer and moose, these are also from Sweden.

The knife steels I use are from Norway, Sweden and Finland.
For my knives I use both carbon steel and stainless steel.
I also make my own knife steels on a small scale.

Bying a knive

Normally there are a few knives ready for immediate delivery. However, most are made to order. If you order one, then you will receive suggestions via email on the design of your knife. You can choose the type of wood if you want elk antler, reindeer antler, metal or other inlays.

Before I deliver it, you will receive photos of the knife to ensure you are satisfied.
Delivery time is 3-6 weeks depending on my work.


In my knives, I use many different types of wood. Birch, ash, elm, oak and many others.
I treat all wood with Danish oil. Which is an oil based on linseed. It is water-resistant and food safe.


I only use knife blades of the highest quality, all made in the Nordics.

The two qualities I use are carbon steel and stainless steel.

Carbon vs Stainless Steel Knives


For my sheaths are hand sewn and I use vegetable-tanned leather.

The leather comes from Sweden.