Take care of your Arctic knive


Here are some tips on how to take care of your Arctic knives.

Take care fo the blade

Knife blades need to be sharpened at regular intervals. Depending on the type of steel, this is different in difficulty.

Stainless steel

A knife blade made of stainless steel does not require special maintenance apart from sharpening.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel should be kept dry. After use, wipe the blade. Carbon steel is fairly easy to grind.


On all my knickknacks I use
Danish oil wood oil. Contains among other things china oil which penetrates deep into the wood and gives a hard and durable surface that is water repellent.

Knife sheath

I use Leather Grease on all leather parts. It contains Contains vaseline, vegetable oils, marrow oil, genuine Danish beeswax and impregnating plant juice.

Contains no plastic and fluorine substances, silicone or solvents.

Leather is a natural material that becomes more beautiful with age, which needs good care to maintain its quality. Clean leather continuously. After cleaning, moisturize with leather grease, apply with a soft cloth or piece of fabric. Allow the grease to penetrate the leather for a few hours and wipe off any excess. The leather fat impregnates and cares for the leather, it is nutritious and extends the life of the leather. The leather grease keeps the leather soft and supple.