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Japanese chef’s knives on Youtube

On Youtube, there are many advertisements for “Japanese chef’s knives”. Many channels are sponsored by a company that sells knives that they claim are made according to Japanese tradition.

Often with “limited time” offers, order new and get 70% off the price.

They claim that the regular price is about 170 euros.

Is this a scam?

The knives have nothing to do with Japan, they are made in China. The steel that they used is the same that you can find in cheap stainless pans that you find in various department stores.

A type of steel I would never choose for any of my knives.

If you search a little on the Internet about these knives, you will find them under other names. Among other things, they are claimed on some pages to be Viking knives.

The price for which they are sold is often 49 euros, you get a better knife for 10 euros at the Ikea.

The knife steels I use are among the best you can have in a knife that you use in the kitchen. This is also why I cannot sell my knives for the prices this type of company does. Quality costs.